HLS: HUSID Look-up Service

The HUSID Look-up Service (HLS) allows providers to find the HUSID of a student who has previously been included on the HESA Student and AP Student Record. The HLS searches against a database containing the student records submitted to HESA since 1994/95. Since the HLS is only searching against existing HESA datasets, providers should only submit to the service students who have studied at a HESA-reporting provider (i.e. publicly funded UK HEI) since the reporting period 1994/95.

About the HLS

Help and guidance for using the HLS

Submit an HLS request

HLS request file
To upload your HLS request file, please enter its location and name below (or use the browse button below to select it), then press the Send File button.
Please ensure that the file name includes your provider identifier and your HLS registration code. See notes of guidance for further details.

HESA will monitor submissions to the HLS and might ask users to justify strange or unusually large volumes of HLS requests.

If you have any queries about the HLS, please contact the Institutional Liaison team at HESA (liaison@hesa.ac.uk).